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C. J. Michal JR - US Patent no. 2,056,975 - Oct. 13 1936

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  1. Full Auto conversion for Browning Pistols by Gerard Henrotin (H&L Publishing - 2003)

  2. The German Submachine Guns

  3. The Colt 1911 & early prototypes

  4. The Colt 1911 A1 Explained


Full Auto Conversion for Browning Pistols

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Early developments of "Machinepistols"

- In the confines of the WW I trenches
- Luger pistol with the 32-round drum magazine
- Machine fire carbine version of the Mauser C96 pistol
- Schmeisser's design known as the "Maschinen Pistole 18"
- Spanish selective fire copies of the Mauser C96
- Bestegui Hermanos (Royal) & Unceta & Cie (ASTRA)
- Mauser C96 with a selective fire capability

Early Browning type pistols with selective fire

- Himan S. Lebman's prototypes
- John Dillinger and Baby face Nelson

Star or Llama selective fire Browning designs
Star Model D
Llama Model "Plus Ultra"
- French UNION Model "Rafaleur"

The STAR Machinepistole Model 1922

- The trigger mechanism
- Selective Fire Mechanism
- Detail of the new parts and modifications
- Operation of the Star MD in full-auto mode
- Cyclic rate retarder device

Mechanical features of the Colt 1911-A1

- Phantom view of the Colt Model 1911-A1
- The Colt 1911 trigger mechanism
The function of the disconnector
- When the slide recoils
- The grip safety
- The thumb safety

Joe Ramos' first machinepistole prototype

- Joe Ramos and Hector Villanueva

Late 60's researches
- The experience bloody gunbattles at short range
- Preliminary works were undertaken by military armorers
- A request to private contractors and gunsmiths
- The JURAMS CMP-45 as one of the contenders
- First prototype working with an "open slide" action
- Mechanical details
- Conclusions of all the short comings

Joe Ramos' second machinepistole prototype

- A completely new approach
- To preserved the original design of the Model 1911-A1

Modifications of the 1911-A1 receiver
Modification of the grip safety
- Modification of the trigger stirrup
- Creation of new parts
- Sear lever with connector
- The tripping lever
- The fire selector mechanism
- Selector of pivoting type or of sliding type

Operation of the J. Ramos' selective fire system

- Firing in semi-auto mode
- Close-up view of the selective fire mechanism
- When the trigger is depressed
- Step by step explanation
- Firing in full-auto mode
- When the trigger is depressed
- Step by step explanation

Front folding grips and other improvements

- The first model of forward grip
- A first improvement by extending the grip base

How the base was fastened to the trigger guard
- Technical details of the folding grip design
The final version was an all-metal folding grip
- High capacity magazines
- Drum magazines and extended straight magazines
- Removable or even folding shoulder stocks
- Modification of the Colt main spring housing
- Stocks made from wood planks
- Stock attachment of the "Lebanese style"

Final step : The Combat Submachine Pistol

- The Jurams CSP - 45 (Combat Submachine Pistol)
- 20 and 30-round double column straight magazines

- Several sizes of barrel
- Ventilated jacket & muzzle break
- Concealment of the tripping mechanism

- The CSP - 45 was nearing completion in early 1972
ANIMATED SEQUENCE of the Ramos selective fire mechanism


Ebook screen prints

Full auto conversion for Colt 1911
Full auto conversion for Colt 1911
Full auto conversion for Colt 1911
Full auto conversion for Colt 1911
Full auto conversion for Colt 1911
Full auto conversion for Colt 1911
Full auto conversion for Colt 1911
Full auto conversion for Colt 1911
Full auto conversion for Colt 1911
Full auto conversion for Colt 1911
Full auto conversion for Colt 1911

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Reloading .32 .38 .41 rimfire cartridges
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Reloading pinfire cartridges
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