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Colt .22 Woodsman and other models
Small caliber Colt Pistols
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Ebook's Content

The Colt "Vest Pocket" Pistol

- Based on a 1905 Browning design for FN (Belgium)
- First prototype appeared in 1907
- A striker used instead of a hammer and firing pin
- Mechanical features
- How the safeties work
- Thumb safety - grip safety - magazine safety

Operation of the Colt "Vest Pocket" Pistol

- Firing cycle explained
- The 6,35 mm Browning or .25 ACP cartridge

Dismounting of the Colt "Vest Pocket"
Collector's corner
- Markings and serial numbers
- 1958, a new "Vest Pocket" of Spanish Astra design
- Production figures of the "Junior"

The Colt "Woodsman"

- Early developments
- George Tansley and Francis Chadwick

The Colt Target Model becomes "The Woodsman" in 1927
1935, the "Sport Model Woodsman"
1938, the "Match Target Woodsman"
- Post War II developments
- 1947, the "Woodsman New Model"
- May of the same year, a "Match Target" version
- 1950, the low cost "Challenger" model
- Production figures of
the first series of "Woodsman".
- Production of the "Match Target" model
- Production of the "Woodsman Target" and "Sport"
- Production of the "Match" 2e & 3e series
- Production of the "Challenger", "Huntsman" and "Targetsman"

Mechanical features of the Colt "Woodsman"

- Principal parts of the "Woodsman"
- Trigger mechanism
- Breechblock and slide
- Main spring housing
- How the "Woodsman" works
- The thumb safety

Dismounting the Colt "Woodsman"

- The locking plunger
- Removing the main spring housing

Removing the slide
Dismounting the slide's components
Dismounting the receiver's components

Operation of the Colt "Woodsman"

- Loading the magazine
- All the steps of the firing cycle

The Colt "Ace" in caliber .22 LR

- The reason for its development
- Production period

The adjustable rear sight
The operation of the Colt "Ace"
Mechanical features
Production figures

Colt "Service Model Ace" in caliber .22 LR

- The system known as a "floating chamber"
- Functioning of the Colt "Service Model Ace"
- How the process multiplies the recoil
by four
Production figures of the Colt "Service Ace Model"
- "Service Model Ace" conversion unit in caliber .22 LR
- Production figures of the conversion unit .45 ACP to .22 LR
- Conversion unit variations
- Parts and markings of the conversion unit
- The .38 Super receiver modification to accept a C.U.
- A new conversion unit labelled "ACE II"

A new Colt pistol in caliber .22 LR

- Colt introduces a new .22 LR pistol in 1994
- Mechanical features of the new Colt .22 LR pistol

Short barrelled version (4 1/2")
- Target version with a 6-inch barrel
- Light dot sights by C-More Systems

Dismounting the new .22 LR Colt pistol

- Disassembly steps
- An Allen wrench is required

The striker safety
Accidental release of the striker
- Further dismounting steps
- need for a screw driver with a star shaped tip
- Specific tricks
- Magazine disassembly

How the new .22 LR Colt pistol works

- Blowback and single action
The sear mechanism
The trigger mechanism
- The firing cycle - step by step
- The disconnecting device
- Trigger tuning
- Sear safety details


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Colt .22 Woodsman and other models
Colt .22 Woodsman and other models
Colt .22 Woodsman and other models
Colt .22 Woodsman and other models
Colt .22 Woodsman and other models
Colt .22 Woodsman and other models
Colt .22 Woodsman and other models
Colt .22 Woodsman and other models
Colt .22 Woodsman and other models
Colt .22 Woodsman and other models
Colt .22 Woodsman and other models
Colt .22 Woodsman and other models



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