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DWM Luger

The DWM Lugers
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Ebook's Content

The firm DWM - A brief history

- The firm LOEWE und Cie
The Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik (DM)
The Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken AG (DWM)
The Berlin-Karlsruher Industrie-Werke (BKIW)
The Industrie-Werke Karlsruhe (IWK)

The evolution of the Borchardt pistol

- The Borchardt pistol
- The Borchardt hold-open device improvement
- The
Borchardt improved model of 1909
- The mysteries about the 1909 model
- A patent for a trigger mechanism

From the Borchardt to the Luger pistol

- The roots of the story
- DWM requested that Luger undertake the redesign
- The chronology of Georg Luger's earliest involvement
- The transitional models until the 1898 model

Luger's patents and the issue of fakes

- The list of the German patents granted to Georg Luger
- The difficulty of unmasking some of the very well made fakes
- How fakers are helped.
- The "pre-production transitional/prototype 1900" US fake
- The fundamental problem in exposing fakers
- It is very difficult to fault their machining and re-finishing
- One of the most interesting Luger patents explained

The DWM commercial production - Part I

- Commercial production 1900-1918 (serial numbers & quantities)
- The Swiss DWM Lugers
- The Dutch Lugers
- The Bulgarian Lugers

The DWM commercial production - part II

- The Russian Lugers
- The Portuguese Lugers
- The Bolivian Lugers
- The Brasilian Lugers
- The Mexican Lugers
- The French commercial Lugers

The DWM German Military production

- Production figures, by models and periods
- Naval Lugers
- Standard military Lugers
- Lugers long (Artillery model)

The DWM Luger's markings

- Commercial and military proof marks
- Unit markings
- Recall of the post WWI German History
- The death's head marking

Post WW I DWM production

- The law of 1920 - the 1920 marking explained
- Estimated production and serial blocks
The weapons supply office ( Waffen-Amt )
- The specific markings of the period
- The foreign commercial market - Stoeger import
- The new commercial serial range with a suffix letter
The Commercial production from 1921 to 1928 (figures)
- Abercrombie & Fitch Lugers
The Finnish Lugers

Transitional period before transfer to Mauser

- The armament of the German State Polices
- On January 30, 1933 Hitler was appointed Chancellor
- Refurbished Lugers
- The Naval Lugers markings
Production of the transitional period 1929-1930 (figures)
The WaA66 acceptance markings

A rare piece of "History"

- The kind of historical piece that makes experienced collectors happy
- Current value of the DWM Lugers


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DWM Luger
DWM Luger
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DWM Luger
DWM Luger
DWM Luger
DWM Luger
DWM Luger
DWM Luger




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