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German submachine guns

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Ebook's Content

Foreword - WWI Historic recall

- Hugo Schmeisser
- The first true Machine Pistol or Sub-machine gun
- Heinrich Vollmer
- Hugo Schmeisser and the design of the Sturmgewehr
- A note on designations
- World War One Historical Background
The trench warfare
- "Stossen" Shock Troops
- Von Ludendorf's offensives
- The Stossen Truppen had shown the way

Hugo Schmeisser and the Bergmann MP18.I

- A requirement for a close quarters combat weapon
- Luger long with the 32 round drum magazine

A modied LP08 for burst fire
A machine fire version of the C96 pistol
- Andreas Schwarzlose
- "Maschinen Pistole" 18
- "Maschinen pistole" 18, variant I
- Hugo Schmeisser and Bergmann
Hugo Schmeisser and C.G. Haenel
- Haenel Schmeisser MP 28.II
- Anciens Etablissements Pieper in Herstal, Belgium
- Bergmann "Maschinen Karabiner" MP 34/1 and the MP35/1
- C.G. Haenel became VEB Ernst Thalman Works

Heinrich Vollmer Machine Pistols

- Vollmer invented a beltless feed for the MG08/15
- Earlier in 1925, Vollmer designed a machine pistol

In 1929, Vollmer designed and manufactured a self-loading rifle
Vollmer Machine Pistol 1925
Vollmer Machine Pistol 1926
- The final Vollmer Machine Pistol 1930
- A long barrelled carbine version with a telescoping monopod
- The Vollmer Erma Machine Pistols
The first designation may have been EMP 35
- Second, transitional, and third models
- French Silenced Model
- "Machinen Pistole" Erma MP740(f)

The Erma EMP Model 36

- Erma, with Vollmer's assistance, decided to modernise the EMP
- The machine pistol EMP36

The development of the MP38

- An "overnight" demand for machine pistols
- Erma were requested to design a suitable machine pistol

The design was revised to allow mass production
The MP38 fired full automatic only
The early MP38 technical features
- Blank firing attachment and silencer
- The safety strap on the cocking handle
- MP38 "Gemischt" model
- MP38 components detailed

The introduction of the MP40

- The MP40 was designed for more economical mass production
- Albert Speer

- MP40 technical features
MP40 first version components
The "mündungshoner"

The MP40 Variations

- The second variation of the MP40
- The third variation of the MP40

The fourth variation of the MP40
The Winterabzug
The fifth variation of the MP40
The sixth variation of the MP40
The seventh variation of the MP40

The Erma MP40/1 and MP44

- Maschinen Pistole 40/1 Double Magazine Model
- MP40/1 mechanical features
- The Erma "Maschinen Pistole" 44

Construction was from steel tubes and pressed sheet metal

The Haenel Schmeisser MP41

- Based on the MP28.II and the MP40
- The MP41 was a somewhat retrograde step

- MP41 markings

Receiver and Magazine Manufacturers' Codes

- Waffenant Senior inspector's stamps
Producers' codes
- Magazines pouches
- Magazines types and codes

MP40 Components

- Iso view of the components
Grip construction changes
- Phantom view of the gun

MP40/38 Complete Disassembling

- 49 pictures explained (until the last pin)

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- Books
- Sites of interest


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