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Webley service revolvers

Price :
8.95 US $

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Ebook's Content

Field dismounting of the Webley Mark VI revolver

- Field dismounting
- Webley Mk VI Parts

Dismounting the barrel assembly

- Dismounting the cam lever
Dismounting the hinge pin
Dismounting the ejector lever
Dismounting the cylinder retainer
Dismounting the front sight blade

Dismounting of the frame assembly

- Dismounting the grip plates
- Dismounting the main spring
- Dismounting the rebound lever
- Dismounting the hammer and trigger
- The J. Carter safety
- Dismounting the secondary cylinder stop
- Dismounting the barrel latch
- Dismounting the breech shield

Typical features of the Webley Mark VI revolver

- The hinged frame design
- The reinforced barrel latch
- Firing the gun with the barrel latch not yet closed
- The service revolvers of the days
- The Webley extracting system
- Functioning of the cylinder cam lever
- Animated sequence of the extraction cycle
- The perfect freedom of the cylinder
- The fouling path

The lock operation of the Webley Mark VI

- Webley lock - five limps
- French Model 1873 - lock with nine limbs
- Single action mode explained
- Animated sequence of the single action mode
- Double action mode explained
- Animated sequence of the double action mode
- The cylinder rotation
- The cylinder locking
- The hammer rebounding

The early English regulation percussion revolvers

- The London great international exhibition of 1851
The Colt percussion revolver
The cartridges of the combustible "skin" type
- The self-cocking Adams revolver of 1851
- The Adams solid frame construction
- The Adams bullet
with spike
- The "hesitation action"
The Beaumont multi-mode mechanism
James Kerr's lever-rammer

The early English regulation centerfire revolvers

- The boxer-type metallic self-contained cartridge
John Adams conversion of the Beaumont Adams
.450 Adams Mk I
- .450 Adams Mk II
- .450 Adams Mk III
- John Adams Mark II revolver
- John Adams Mark III revolver

The Enfield .476 regulation revolver

- The Enfield Mark I, II, III cartridges
- The revolver Enfield, Mark I
- The Enfield self-extracting system
- The revolver Enfield, Mark I
- The feature that distinguishes the Enfield Mark I from the Mark II
- The lock of the Warnant type

The Webley revolver Mark I

- How the Mark I is easily recognized
- Breech shield integral with the frame
- The Webley Mark I * revolver
- The cylinder in the Mark I
- The Mark I specific extractor camming lever
- The Mark I hammer catch spring
- The .442 revolver cartridge
The .455 Webley Mark I black powder cartridge
- The Webley Mark I .455 cartridges with Mark I cordite
- The Webley Mark I ** revolver

The Webley revolver Mark II

- The Webley Mark II specific features
- The
Mark II * variation
The .455 Webley Mark II cartridge

The Webley revolver Mark III

- The new cylinder mechanism designed by W.J. Whiting
- Commercial Webley Mark III in caliber .38
- Mark III revolver with half-cock feature
- The cylinder retaining system variations
- The extra set of cylinder locking notches
The .455 Webley Mark III cartridge

The Webley revolver Mark IV & V

- The hammer spur
- The cylinder retaining system
- The broader stop notches of the cylinder
- The Webley Mark V cylinder
The .455 Webley Mark IV cartridge
The .455 Webley Mark V cartridge

The Webley revolver Mark VI

- The Webley Mark VI commercial revolver with 4" barrel
- The Webley Mark VI .22 training revolver
- The Webley & Scott MK VI Target .22 Single Shot Pistol
- Parker Hale .22 conversion unit
- Mark VI revolver in caliber .45 ACP
- Detachable shoulder stock
- Bayonet by Captain Arthur Pritchard
- Prideaux speedloader
- The Webley Mark VI produced by the Enfield Arsenal
The .455 Webley Mark VI cartridge
Recently re-designed Webley Mark VI in .45 ACP

Markings found on Webley & Enfield service revolvers

- Producer markings on Mark VI revolvers
- Webley Mark V's re-proved from 1975 onward
- The broad arrow
- The "for disposal" marking
- The cancellation mark
- Commercial proof and view marks
- Military proof marks
- Military inspection markings


Ebook screen prints

webley mark VI revolver
webley mark VI revolver
webley mark VI revolver
webley mark VI revolver
webley mark VI revolver
webley mark VI revolver
Adams revolver
French Service Revolver Mod. 1873-74 Chamelot Delvigne
webley mark I revolver cartridge
Enfield Mark II revolver
webley mark I revolver
webley mark II revolver
webley mark III revolver
webley revolver
webley revolver markings
webley mark VI revolver

Reloading kit



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11mm full kit
Content : 11 mm tools + 12 reloadable cases + 1 powder measuring cup + 25 lead bullets





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