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The FN FAL explained

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Ebook's Content

How the FN FAL works

- Principle of the gas operated action
- How works the regulator
- The gas cylinder plug
- Gasses regulation procedure.

Firing cycle of the FN FAL

Cocking the FN FAL
- Introducing the loaded magazine

The cocking handle
- The hold open latch
- Firing cycle explained
- The change lever three positionnings
- Detailed analyse of the bolt unlocking
- Animated sequence of the bolt unlocking
Ejection of the cartridge case
- Using the FAL as a "one shot" rifle
- Loading the magazine

The change lever

- The three positions of the change lever
- How the lever's pivot interacts with the trigger

Semi-automatic mode
Interaction between the sear and the trigger
Interaction between the sear and the hammerd
- Disconnecting and re-connecting of the sear
- Animated sequence of the semi-auto firing

Firing the FAL in full-auto mode

- The change lever to the position marked "A"
- The trigger rotation in full-auto mode
- The role of the safety sear
- Full-auto firing cycle explained step by step
- The hold open latch explained

Stripping the FAL for regular maintenance

- Field stripping
- Dismounting the bolt

Dismounting the gas piston
Different designs of gas plug
Dismounting the magazine

Advanced dismounting (1)

- Dismounting the bolt carrier
- Dismounting the handguard

Dismounting the gas regulator
- The special FN key OREA 107

Dismounting the forward sling swivel

Advanced dismounting (2)

- Dismounting the foresight
- The special FN key OREA 150

Tuning the foresight
Dismounting the hinge cross pivot
Dismounting the safety sear
Reassembling tips

Advanced dismounting (3)

- Dismounting the cocking handle
- Dismounting the magazine catch and the hold open latch
- Dismounting the magazine catch

Dismounting the hold open latch
- Dismounting the locking shoulder

Advanced dismounting (4)

- Unscrewing the barrel from the receiver
- The special vise adapted to that work

Dismounting the carry handle
- Different designs of the carry handle

Advanced dismounting (5)

- Dismounting the change lever
- Different designs of the change lever

Dismounting the hammer
Dismounting the trigger assembly

Advanved dismounting (6)

- Dismounting the pistol grip
Different designs of thepistol grip
Dismounting the trigger guard assembly
- Dismounting the sling swivel and shoulder piece
- Différent designs of  the butt plate and sling swivel

Advanced dismounting (7)

- Dismounting the buttstock and the return spring
- The special FN key OREA 131
- Different designs of the buttstock
- Dismounting the receiver latch lever and its bolt
- Reassembling tips
Dismounting the rear sight
- Different designs of the rear sight


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