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The FN High Power Explained
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Ebook's Content

Development of the Browning High Power

- The French Government inquiries
- Dieudonné Saive 15-cartridge magazine
- Browning's first two prototypes
- 16-shot FN Browning Model of 1922
- Mechanical features of the Browning Model of 1922
- Animated sequence on the Browning Model of 1922

Evolution of the Browning Prototype of 1922

- The FN Browning Model of 1923
- The FN Browning Model "Grand Rendement"

The Saive-Browning Model of 1928

Dismounting the FN High Power (1)

- Field stripping
- Pre and post-war barrel lug profile

Dismounting the FN High Power (2)

- Disassembling the recoil spring guide
- Dismounting the firing pin
- Dismounting the extractor
- Redesigned components of the fifties
- Dismounting the sear lever
- Other changes through the sixties

Dismounting the FN High Power (3)

- Removing the grip plates

Post-war military HP frames
- Dismounting the sear and sear spring
- Dismounting the safety catch
- Reassembling the safety lever

Dismounting the FN High Power (4)

- Dismounting the hammer/mainspring assembly
- Two types of hammer assembly

Dismounting the magazine latch
Dismounting the trigger assembly
- Two magazine safety designs
- Dismounting the magazine
- Browing High Power parts

Functioning of the FN High Power (1)

- Firing cycle explained step by step
- Animated sequence
- Metal deformations resulting from intensive use

Functioning of the FN High Power (2)

- Trigger mechanism explained in details
- Hold open device

The safeties of the FN High Power

- Magazine safety explained in details
- Hammer safety notch

- Manual safety catch

Fabrique Nationale under the Nazis


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