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Les Pistolets Colt
100 ans de production

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112 color pages,  format : 297X210 mm - hard cover ISBN : 2-930244-02-X

This volume, published in 1998 is the second work relating to firearms written by the Belgian author Gérard HENROTIN.  As in his first title issued in 1996 : "La Connaissance du Luger", it includes a great variety of technical pictures, drawn from the infographic technology. This ultra-modern process, used for the first time at this level in the firearms literature, allows to reach one of the most difficult goal : the close understanding of the firearms mechanical operation. All the illustrations of this site are stemming from the same graphical craft present throughout the book. Our long chapter in this site, relating to the Colt pistols will enlighten what kind of data you are supposed to find in this beautifully illustrated book. Not only you will learn how these handguns function, but you will get their complete historical background and various markings explanations. A one of its kind book, that leaves the reader with a feeling of great satisfaction. In the index below you will find some links to other pages with graphical illustrations.

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Book index

Browning protototype - patent   9.871 April 20, 1897
Colt model 1900
First Colt semi-automatic pistols developments
Colt model 1900 Sporting
Colt model 1902 "Military"
Complete stripping and analysing of the Colt 1902 Military
Colt .38 ACP Pocket of 1903
Colt "Pocket Hammerless"
Analysis of two Colt Pocket Hammerless in calibre .32 et .38
Functioning of the Colt Pocket Hammerless
Calibre .45 ACP pistols developments
Calibre .45 ACP — Model 1905
U.S. official tests of 1907
The Savage pistol of 1907 in calibre .32 ACP
Colt de 1909 - 1910 prototypes in calibre .45 ACP
Colt "Vest Pocket Hammerless" of 1908 in .25 ACP
Colt 1911 pistol in calibre .45 ACP
Colt "Woodsman" in calibre .22
Colt 1911 A1 evolution
The Colt 1911 A1 commercial pistol
The Colt 1911 A1 U.S. military
The Colt Government in calibre .38 Super
The Colt "Ace" in calibre .22 LR
The conversion unit "Service Model Ace" in calibre .22 LR
Evolution of the Colt Government after the world war II
The Colt "Commander"
The Colt "Gold Cup National Match" in calibre .45 ACP
AMU pistols and Kits (calibre .38 Special and .45 ACP)
The Colt "Gold Cup National Match" in calibre .38 Special
The  Colt "Pony" in calibre .380 Auto
The  Colt Government series   80
The Colt "Commander" and Officer Serie 80
The Colt "Officer" Series 80
Colt Combat and Gold Cup National Match
The Colt Gold Cup Trophy
The Colt Government and Mustang in calibre .380 Auto
The Colt "Mustang Plus II"
The Colt "Delta" in 10 mm Auto
The Colt "Double Eagle" series 90
Functioning of the Double Eagle
The Colt 1991 A1
Functioning of the ALL AMERICAN MODEL 2000
Colt pistols in calibre .22
Stripping of the Colt .22
Functioning of the Colt .22
The Colt Ace II conversion unit in calibre .22 LR
The Colt "Pony Pocketlite L.W." in calibre .380 Auto
The improved Colt .45 pistol
Colt 1991 A1 CO2 in calibre 4.5 mm
Functioning of the Colt 1991 A1 CO2





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