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World War One

01.jpg (5318 octets)Yanks : The Epic Story of the American Army in World War One
by John S. D. Eisenhower (June 2001)

Fought far from home, World War I was nonetheless a stirring American adventure. The achievements of the United States during that war, often underrated by military historians, were in fact remarkable, and they turned the tide of the conflict. So says John S. D. Eisenhower, one of today's most acclaimed military historians, in his sweeping history of the Great War and the men who won it: the Yanks of the American Expeditionary Force.

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02.jpg (5208 octets) Military Blunders
by Michael Coffey (1999)

Military Blunders contains a series of short chapters dealing with military decisions from the tactical, operational and strategic levels of war.  As the title indicates, the chapters are slanted towards mistakes by military commanders and/or their political leadership.  The book is a quick and interesting read covering a time span from World War One to the invasion of Kuwait. Read more about Military Blunders

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03.gif (15083 octets)The Storm of Steel : From the Diary of a German Stormtroop Officer on the Western Front
by Ernst Junger

A good book that gives excellent insight to the German perspective of the war from the eyes of a highly decorated Sturmtrupp. The book captures the monotony of trench warfare, the pysche of the soldier and the vicious small unit actions that took place along the front. Ernst Junger was quite a character and a popular German writer (Web site: The book was written is the 30's so it does have a little jingoistic tone to it.  Junger was active in working reassert Germany back into world's society and to help heal some of the scars caused by the war.  Recommended by Rich Shoop.

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The First World War

by John Keegan

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05.jpg (5004 octets)

The Guns of August

by Barbara Tuchman & Robert Massie

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06.jpg (4099 octets)
The Great War and Modern Memory

by Paul Fussell

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07.jpg (6714 octets)

The Zimmerman Telegram

by Barbara Tuchman

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08.jpg (4663 octets)

The Price of Glory:  Verdun 1916

by Alistar Horne

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09.jpg (4653 octets)
Albatros Aces of World War I (Aircraft of the Aces, 32)

by Norman Franks & Tony Homes

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