La connaissance du Luger

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144 color pages,   format 297X210 mm - hard cover   ISBN 2-930244-00-3

This French book, published in 1996, is the first work of the Belgian author Gérard HENROTIN relating to firearms. It is probably as well the first book using at this level the infographical technologies in the firearms field. To fill that challenge, many competences had to be gathered to offer a technically reliable content in a modern and attractive form. These two objectives were reached to such an extend that the volume became de facto the French reference on this famour German pistol.

This book was written to give a clear understanding of the pistol and its background, but also to offer the demanding reader a true piece of art. You will find in our Luger section, some illustrations drawn from the book, which includes some 600 color drawings and 120 pictures.

Book index

Chapter I

Collector sheet
Takedown of the Luger model P08
Operation of the Luger model P08
The Luger's safeties
The Schiwy safety
The Walther safety
Technical evolution of the Luger
Technical caracteristics of the old and new constructions
The finish methods
The Luger serialization
The serial number placement on the Luger

Chapter II

The Luger model 1900
The models 1900 with long barrel
The models 1901
The models 1902
The Luger "Carbine" 1902
The models 1903 - 1904
The 1904 Marine Luger
Tests and improvments of 1904 - 1905
The Luger model 1906
The seven shot prototype
The Luger prototype in calibre .45 ACP
The 1906 Marine Luger
The Luger model 1908
The Marine Luger model 1908 (1910 variation)
The long Luger "Artillery" of 1914
The standard Luger of 1914 - 1916
The Marine Luger model 1914 - 1916
The long Luger (1916 variation)
Prototype of long Luger with automatique firing mode (1917 - 1918)
The Lugers of the 1920 vintage
The Luger "Baby" of 1920
The Lugers with long barrels of the 1920 vintage
The Lugers of the 1925 - 1945 vintage
John V. Martz's Lugers

The Wyatt - Imthurn Target Luger

Chapiter III

Map of the Luger pistols producers
Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken
Hugo Borchardt
Georg Luger
The Swiss Lugers
The Dutch Lugers
The Bulgarian Lugers
The Russian Lugers
The Portuguese Lugers
The Bolivian Lugers
The Bresilian Lugers
The Mexican Lugers
The French commercial Lugers
The Luger markings
The Stoeger Lugers
The Abercrombie & Fitch Lugers
The Finnish Lugers
The Police Lugers
Analysis of a rare DWM Luger.
The Royal de ERFURT Arsenal
Royal arsenal's map
Markings on the ERFURT Luger
Analysis of an ERFURT Luger
Royal SPANDAU Arsenal
VICKERS Ltd (Crayford)
SIMSON & Co (Suhl)
KRIEGHOFF markings
The Mauser Lugers
The Stoeger Lugers
The Potuguese Lugers
The Latvian Lugers
The Dutch Lugers
The Siamese Lugers
The Swedish Lugers
The Turkish Lugers
The Persian Lugers
The commercial Lugers of 1934/06
The Military Lugers
The S/42 ( K ) Lugers
The S/42 ( G ) Lugers
The S/42 (1936 - 1939) Lugers
The 42 (1939 - 1940) Lugers
the byf (41 - 42) Lugers
One of the very last Mauser made Luger
Recent Mauser production


Extracted from our book : "La Connaissance du Luger"

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