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Spitfire cine-camera model G.45

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Upper side

IMG_3784.jpg (17200 octets)

Lower side

IMG_3785.jpg (31666 octets)

Front side with lens protector


IMG_3786.jpg (47513 octets)

Lens protector removed


IMG_3787.jpg (48255 octets)

Lateral loading panel opened


IMG_3788.jpg (35201 octets)

Upper loading gate opened


IMG_3789.jpg (25497 octets)

Removal of the film cartridge


IMG_3791.jpg (35679 octets)

Front face of the film cartridge


IMG_3792.jpg (32648 octets)

IMG_3793.jpg (38256 octets)

Film cartridge

IMG_3809.jpg (63465 octets)

Inside view of the camera with the two protection panels removed


IMG_3806.jpg (73423 octets)

IMG_3805.jpg (55813 octets)

Forward end


IMG_3807.jpg (75483 octets)

Rear end


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