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Belgian Liege gunmakers
(Seven volumes by alphabetical order)

Belgian Liege gunmakers (L to M) - Volume 4

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By Alain Daubresse

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This printed and hardbound book, written in English and French by Alain Daubresse, provide an extensive insight about the gunmaking activity in Belgium from its very beginning to the middle of the 20th century.

Due to the vast quantity of data to treat, the global work was parted in a series of publications, into which each separate book is dealing with a small portion of the whole, and that is listed in alphabetical order.

The book presented below is the fourth of the series and is covering the gunmakers whose names are in the G to K alphabetical range. Each gunmaker is presented with the maximum of data available and a wealth of color pictures about the most typical pieces of his production. Are also discussed the many markings found applied on the guns and their significance or purpose.

The gunmakers treated in this first volume are :

L section

M section

L (Louis Closset)
Lagauche Lambert
Lahaye Marbaise Jean
Lairesse Louis
Lajot Nicolas & cie
Lajot & Jonlet
Lallemand P.
Laloux Georges
Laloux Georges & Cie
Lambert L
Lambert & Bruyninck
Lambert Jean Martin dit Biron
Lambert dit Biron Fils
Lambin-Thate (Famille)
Lambin & Thate
Laport Guillaume
Laport Guillaume & Cie
Laport Veuve Frres
Laport Henri & Cie
Laport Emile & Cie
Lardin Paul
Lardinois Nicolas Charles
Larose Jean-Franois
Larsen H. & Fils
Lassence Rong
Lebeau Frres
Lebeau Auguste
Lebeau - Courally
Lebgue A.
Leclercq Joseph
Leclercq Lon
Ledent Guillaume
Ledent Nol
Lefaucheux Eugne
Lehanne Louis Lonard
Lejeune J.
Lejeune J. & Fauv
Lejeune Gaspard
Lejeune Moreau
Lekeu M.
Lemarchand R.
Lemille Joseph
Lenglez Fils
Lenoir Joseph
Lepage manufacture d'armes
Lepage & Chauvot
Lepage et Kaufmann
Lepage Emile
Lepage Frres
Lepage Michel Henri
Lesoinne & Pirlot
Leukers Henri
Levaux Dieudonn
Levaux Guillaume
Levaux-Stas Dieudonn
Leverd Jean jacques & Counet
Leverd Jean jacques
Lewanczyk J.
Lhermitte & Bruyninckx
Lhoist T. J.
Liegeois Auguste
Lochet - Habran Laurent
Loron Pierre Antoine
Lovinfosse Franois
Lovinfosse Hardy Franois
Lovinfosse Hardy Franois & Fils

Maes & Walthery
Mahillon B.
Mahillon H.
Malchair H.
Malherbe & Salle
Malherbe Louis
Malherbe de Goffontaine Philippe
Malherbe Fres
Malherbe Louis
Malherbe Oscar
Malherbe P.J.
Malherbe Philippe Joseph & Cie
Mangeot & Comblain
Mangeot Henri
Man. d'Armes de l'Etat (MAE)
Man. Impriale de Lige
Man. Ligeoise d'armes feu
Man. nationale d'armes de guerre
Maquinay & Gulikers
Marchand Albert & cie
Marchand Hubert
Marck Godefroid
Marck Jean S.A.
Marchal A.
Marchal A. (FN)
Marchal F. (FN)
Marchal Joseph
Marga Uldarique
Mariette Denis J.J.
Mariette Dieudonn
Mariette Gilles
Mariette Guillaume
Mariette Servais
Martin Franois & Cie
Martin Jacques Franois
Martiny Henri Nicolas fils
Masereel Antoine
Masquelier Charles
Massin Gilles
Massonet Pascal
Mercenier Grard
Mercier Andr
Merolla Giovanni & Francesco
Meyers Guillaume Joseph
Meyers-Coune Henri
Michel M.
M. K.
Monisse Jean Charles
Monseur Eugne
Montigny & Fusnot
Mordant G.
Mordant Martin
Mouillet Jean Franois
Mussen-Lallemand Jacques
Mylonas Eustache

The size of this book of 333 pages is about 30 cm X 22 cm (11.80" X 8.60"). Its weight is 1.500 kg (53.00 oz). It is was built using a very thick cardboard cover and the paper used for the printing was of the high glossy type and carefully bound by threads. A strong good product that will last for long usage in your firearms books bibliary.

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