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Belgian Liege gunmakers
(Seven volumes by alphabetical order)

Belgian Liege gunmakers (G to K) - Volume 3

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By Alain Daubresse

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This printed and hardbound book, written in English and French by Alain Daubresse, provide an extensive insight about the gunmaking activity in Belgium from its very beginning to the middle of the 20th century.

Due to the vast quantity of data to treat, the global work was parted in a series of publications, into which each separate book is dealing with a small portion of the whole, and that is listed in alphabetical order.

The book presented below is the third of the series and is covering the gunmakers whose names are in the G to K alphabetical range. Each gunmaker is presented with the maximum of data available and a wealth of color pictures about the most typical pieces of his production. Are also discussed the many markings found applied on the guns and their significance or purpose.

The gunmakers treated in this first volume are :

G section

H section

J section

Galand Ren
Galoppin Charles
Gathoye Lon
Gaubert Jean Baptiste
Gavage Armand
Genhart Heinrich
Grard Thophile
Ghaye Lambert
Gilliquet Lambert
Gillon Jacques
Gilnay M.
Gilon A.
Gillon Franois
Gilon Nicolas Joseph
Giltay H.
Gino C.
Gob A.
Godefroid A.
Goemans J.
Gom & Van Heer
Goffin A.
Goossens Henri & Fils
Gossuin Jean
Grah William
Grifgnee Philippe
Grimard Edgar
Grosfils Dieudonn
Guende Emmanuel
Guerette Mathieu
Gueury Franois
Gulikers V. & Maquinay
Gulpen Hubert

Haaken Charles Fils
Haaken-Plomdeur Charles
Halleux Louis
Halska V. & Cie
Hanquet Ferdinand
Hanquet Martin & Cie
Hanquet Jean Baptiste
Harz J. & Cie
Havart Mathieu
Heinen J.J.
Henket Nicolas Joseph
Henoul Guillaume
Henrard J & Discry A.
Henrard Jean
Henrard Joseph
Henrion & Dassy
Henrion - Dassy - Heushen
Herman David
Herman Jean Jacques
Herman Ledoux Joseph
Herman Seret
Herminne-Thiry Pierre
Heuse Lemoine & Cie
Heuseux B.
Higny N.J.
Hilebrandt J. Hurkens F.

I section

In De Betou P. J.

Jacquemart J. & Fils
Jacquemart Ateliers SA
Jacquemart Joseph
Jacquemart-Pirotte Joseph
Jamar & Cie
Jamar Frres
Jamar Jean Henri
Jamar J. H. & Soleil & Smits
Jamar-Smits Jean Henri
Jamar Michel
Jamin Marcel
Jamri J. H.
Jansen Adolphe
Janssen Fils & Cie
Janssen Frres
Janson Auguste
Jaspar J.
Job T.
Joiris & Geurten
Joiris Jean, Vandenbergh G & Geurten J.
Joiris Joseph
Jolet Joseph
joneau Auguste
Jongen Frres
Julien Joseph

K section

Kaufmann Frres
Kaufmann Jules
Kaufmann Jules & Cie
Kaufmann Michael
Kettner Edouard
Kinapen Franois Mathieu
Kinapen Pre & Fils
Knoll Max
Kowalski R.

The size of this book of 251 pages is about 30 cm X 22 cm (11.80" X 8.60"). Its weight is 1.280 kg (45.00 oz). It is was built using a very thick cardboard cover and the paper used for the printing was of the high glossy type and carefully bound by threads. A strong good product that will last for long usage in your firearms books bibliary.

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Volume 3


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