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Revive your antique 32RF (short or long) revolver or rifle
Also available : 38RF and 41RF

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Smith & Wesson Model 1 1/2

Our 32RF kit presented by a customer

Our 38RF kit presented by a customer

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Kit for 32RF long caliber (32 RF short also available as well as 38RF and 41RF)

Content: 32RF dies and tools (same for short and long case) + 12x 32 RF Long reloadable brass cases + 25 round nose bullets (.316”) + 25 primers (22 rimfire blank). Delivered in a wood box.


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Tools furnished : Work base (1), Resizing cylinder (2), Adjustable pushing tool (3), Ejecting rod (4), Power measure (5)


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Case and cartridge dimensions :
32 RF long: Case diam. = 5/16" - Rim diam. = 3/8" - case length = 25/32" - Overall length = 1" 11/64
32 RF short: Case diam. = 5/16" - Rim diam. = 3/8" - case length = 37/64" - Overall length = 31/32" 
32RF bullet weight : 6 grams (base diam. = 19/64" - total length 33/64")

38 RF: case length = .75" - body extern. diam = 0.371" - Overall length = 1.14"
41 RF: case length = .47"- body extern. diam = 0.404" -  Overall length = .95"

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Cartridge components : Shell (long or short), lead bullets, primers (not shipped out of European Union)

How it does work.
Same procedure for all RF calibers offered

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Install the shell in the work base as shown above.

IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets)

Place a bullet on the case mouth.
Try to have it placed with the base slightly, and quite evenly, entering the case.

IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets)

Place the resizing tool above the work base.
The resizing tool, at this stage, must be placed with its periphery groove below.
The resizing opening is above, and not used at this stage.

IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets)

Enter the pushing tool as shown above. It will be stopped by the bullet. The pushing tool is fitted with two nuts that will be used to lock the grooved central nut at the right positioning.


IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets)

Using a nylon mallet, cautiously push the bullet into the case, while verifying several times the bullet progression until its perfect seating.

IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets)  IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets)

When the perfect seating of the bullet is reached, you can lower the central grooved nut (it is screwed on the rod), until its lower face is bearing against the upper face of the resizing tool (as shown above). Firmly lock the central nut using the two upper nuts.

IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets)

We have now a pushing tool that is ready for all subsequent works without being obliged to inspect the bullet progression in the case.

IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets)IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets)

Remove the cartridge from the work base, and place it up side down on the crimping tool as shown above. The next step is to fill the case with a load of black powder. The measure furnished, when filled, provides the right quantity of powder.

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Coarse black powder

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Never  use another propellant than black powder. Any type of black powder (coarse or fine) will function. Black Powder comes in four granulations. Fg being the coarsest (slowest to burn), and FFFFg being the finest (fastest to burn). You will find the same grades under the following labels : 1Fg to 4fg or even 1F to 4F

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IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets)

IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets)

Position now the primer on the case rear aperture as shown above. If the primer is placed horizontally, no tool is necessary to press it into the case recess. A mere finger pressure will be largely sufficient.

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As to the type of primer used, it should be rather easily find online under this search: "Flobert Blanks .22 Caliber (6mm)"

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One chamber left empty for hammer safe rest

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One cartridge fired

In this type of cartridge design, the primer is located at one precise area of the case rim, consequently when loaded into the cylinder, or the barrel chamber, the primer must be correctly positioned to get the strike of the hammer. Note, that if the hammer of your gun has no intermediary safety notch, it is wise to left one chamber empty, on which the hammer can rest safely.

After firing

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IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets) IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets)

Removal of the primer

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After firing, to re-use the case, the primer must be first removed. This can be done using a thin blade inserted below the primer, as shown above. Make it calmly, and neatly, if you want to preserve the case for other shooting. The thin portion of the case rim, where the primer is installed, might be easily deformed by too a rough prying out of the primer.

IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets)

The case, which is very strong, is generally only very slightly widened by the explosion, and probably could be re-used without resizing. But if resizing proves necessary, this can be done using the resizing tool. Clean the case, and lube it at its external face. Then enter it in the right extremity (no groove marking) of the resizing tool. Then press the case until totally enclosed in the resizing tool. This should be done more easily using a vise (with padded jaws).

IMG_4703.jpg (17732 octets)

The pushing out of the resized case can be performed using the intended rod (4) provided in the kit.




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Rimfire reloading

32 RF - 38 RF - 41 RF   Kit PRICE LIST

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Reloading .32 .38 .41 rimfire cartridges
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.320 & .380 CF "Bulldog"
.320 & .38 Colt

320 CF - 380 CF

Pinfire Reloading
12/16 gauge

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Reloading pinfire cartridges
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11mm French revolver reloading kit
11mm French reloading kit PRICE LIST



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Smith & Wesson
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